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Photo by

Stephen Norris

Fiona Huddleston

I’ve always been inspired to capture and reveal moments of beauty in my photography. This pursuit of beauty has brought with it wonderful opportunities to travel, to form friendships with equally-passionate photographers, and to embark upon a lifelong learning quest. More recently, I’ve become intrigued by the concept of creating this beauty rather than just capturing it.


In many ways, I compare my photographic development to embarking on a road trip! Initially, like many, I kept to the relative safety of the representational photographic “highway” with its more predictable, somewhat repetitive, less adventurous and often smoother journey.


However, it is the less-travelled alternative route, with its detours and intrinsic mystery, that I now find far more compelling. Travelling along this more abstract photographic path leads to journeys of discovery and unforeseen results. I can ponder, meander, and explore at a less-hurried pace.


Embracing more creative approaches to making photographs has also offered me the chance to artistically interpret, to suggest rather than simply depict, and to express ideas and sensitivities.


Whilst my desire to portray beauty will always be a guiding principle, perhaps this new direction will lead me towards creating images in a different way and with a different intention. Where it will take me and what I will learn along the way is unknown and exhilarating.

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